About TaCoS

TaCoS – a conference of computational linguistics students

The TaCoS (Tagung der Computerlinguistik Studierenden) is a conference hosted by students for students. As an annual conference, it is hosted at a different university each year. Last year, we enjoyed a most friendly and successful reception at the 27th TaCoS in Stuttgart. This year, the honor has, for the second time and after a long hiatus, fallen unto Potsdam. We are tremendously excited to host and hope that we can present Potsdam, a city with a history as rich as it is recognized, with a measure of care, attention and hospitality that is equal to that of the southern hosts of previous years.

In general, we consider the TaCoS to be a platform for the exchange of research, knowledge and ideas in the field of computational linguistics and as such to be open to all who are interested. Thus our invitation to the TaCoS extents not only to students of computational linguistics, but also to people from fields such as computer science, linguistics, cognitive psychology and other intersecting disciplines.

In particular, the TaCoS has often featured discourse on topics like natural language processing, machine translation, machine learning, argument mining, annotation tools, distributional semantics and many other computational linguistics’ staples, comprising a list too long for us to pretend enumeration. The spectrum has been broad, and we would like to continue this tradition. Frequently students present research from their master thesis or the doctorate they might be working on, though we like to emphasize that all ideas relevant to the conference’s topic of computational linguistics are welcome and appreciated – be it graduation work or otherwise. If you feel passionate about a topic in computational linguistics, and would like to share that passion with a knowledgable audience, please, consider speaking at the conference.

In addition to its academic appeal, the TaCoS has served as a great vehicle for students of computational linguistics to get to know each other, as well as bridge the gap to members of other, related fields. For us, the Potsdam TaCoS-Team, this is a core priority of the conference, and consequently we are very much looking forward to enjoying a friendly barbeque with our fellow students.

Lastly, we would like to state unambiguously that we care for your opinion; the TaCoS would not exist without the continued interest and support of students. If you take issue with any of our methods or priorities; if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, please, do not hesitate to reach out to us at tacos28@uni-potsdam.de.