Couch Surfing Bazaar

Do you intend to visit Potsdam for TaCoS 28? Still looking for affordable lodging? Could your standards for comfort, privacy and cleanliness be accurately described as 'forgiving'?
Then we have just the thing for you!
Simply follow the instructions below to get access to our Couch Surfing Bazaar, where you might find a kind soul to give you lodging. If you are a student in the Potsdam/Berlin area, please consider signing up below to help out other students in need!

I am ...

... looking for a place to stay in the Potsdam/Berlin area!

Enter your auth code below to get an overview of possible accomodations by volunteering students from the Potsdam/Berlin area. You received an authcode as part of your registration. You must be registered and have a validated account to see this information.

... offering a place to stay at!

If you live in the Potsdam/Berlin area and want to offer lodging/couch/a dry, warm patch of floor to TaCoS attendees arriving from elsewhere, please fill in the information below. You will then receive not only an amiable guest, but also all our deepest gratitute.

Please understand that the information you provide will be accessible to registered attendees of TaCoS 28. This includes the e-mail address you provide. Any lodging arrangements have to be made between you and the people who might reach out to you. The TaCoS 28 organization team does not participate in the arrangements you may or may not make. You can remove yourself from this committment and retract your offer at any time and for any reason.

... done offering my couch. Remove me from the system!

If you have previously offered your services on our couch bazaar and you have successfully made sleeping arrangements up to your capacity, or if you have changed your mind for whatever reason, simply enter the E-Mail address you provided below and you will be removed from the bazaar. If something comes up, or if you change your mind again, feel free to reapply!


The TaCoS 28 organisation team assumes no responsibility for the quality, availability or basic serviceability of sleeping arrangements that are negotiated through this service. We offer only a platform for students to arrange lodging amongst themselves, and are involved only insofar as we participate by offering our own couches (i.e. sleeping accomodations) on this platform. Problems with arrangements must be taken up with the respective party of any sleeping arrangement, contract or agreement of lodging made through this service.